As a child, my goal was to become an Indian. I practiced a lot. Went all the way with the tipi, the hiking, watching countless (bad) westerns. Big Serious Research. And then someone told me that you could only become a Native American by birth.

I was crushed. My life’s plan in shatters. Having to re-invent yourself is hard, so I’m sure you can imagine what a difficult period in my life that weekend was. After a few seconds of deep soul-searching, I had another goal, though. From now on, I would join the Musketeers. En garde!

So Who Am I

Even though I’m a bit older now, my life is still as straightforward as then. I thought a career in health care or education would be a noble thing to pursue, so I studied the arts. After five years of learning how to use a computer and graduating in game design, I naturally became a traditional sculptor. I’m sick, unable to work, and yet I dream of having a career. My little art business is slow – only adding new works on a yearly basis – but I’m contributing. I’m a part of life.

Hopefully my work will speak to you and hope you like the stories they tell. Never stop  reaching for what you want- Even if it causes you to make a fruitless trip to Paris, in search of the University of Musketeering. It doesn’t exist. …or so they claim.

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