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Frederieke Westerveld (The Netherlands, 1983) originally pursued a career in game writing, but after graduating in game design in 2010, a serious chronic condition quickly put a stop to that.






Puck Fullset
Poppedijn Winter's Death
Poppedijn Utopia

My work deconstructs the phenomelogical existentialism– 
Nah, just kidding.

I love to tell stories.


All of the sculptures on this website are made by me and cast by me.
Sculptures are sold in limited quantities (quantity number will be visible on the sculpture itself, on the certificate of authenticity and on the sales page on the website). Aside from the quantity, there will be one Artist Proof that is not going to be for sale, but will be used for exhibition purposes. 

The dolls are either OOAK, or they’re cast in a batch of 20 copies. Again, please check the description to see which is the case for the doll or your choosing. 

For every sculpture, I’m using the same method:

Hourly rate (€20) times hours worked. Then I add the material cost and divide this sum with the amount of copies that will be available. Finally, I’ll add 9% VAT required by my government to get the final asking price.

Once the payment has been received I’ll do my best to ship out the order within 2 to 3 days. When the artwork has shipped, I will send you a notice with a track-and-trace code. Delivery can take from 8 to 16 days, depending on the country you live in.

Should there be a mix-up with your order, or you’ve received a faulty product, I will of course do everything in my power to make it right. Please contact me as soon as possible, but within two weeks, when you have a problem.

If your sculpture sustained damaged during shipment or later, please also contact me. For more information, check my FAQ about damaged orders.

I live and work in Doetinchem, The Netherlands.

Shipping costs are calculated based upon the number and type of products in your cart. To view shipping costs, add your desired products to your cart, proceed to the cart page, select your country and click “Update Your Cart Total”.

The shipping fee depends on what region you live (Netherlands, Euro 1, Euro 2, World), the weight of the parcel and the price of the item. 

All packages are insured. In the Netherlands there are two types of shipping insurance: One deals with parcels up to 500 euros, the other with parcels up to a total of €5500. This is why it is possible to have two artworks on this site with the same weight, but with different shipping fees. 

Yes, I do! Please contact me to set up a layaway plan. How many layaway terms you’re able to take is depending on the price of the sculpture.

  • A total order of less than €200 will allow you to get 3 terms PLUS a deposit of €50. (total of 4 individual payments)
  • €200-€500: 4 terms PLUS a deposit of €100. (total of 5 individual payments)
  • Above €500: 6 terms PLUS a deposit of €150. (total of 7 individual payments)

The time between payments is up to you, but has a maximum of 1 month. So if you’d like a layaway plan of 3 terms, you could decide to take 3 weeks between each payment (this includes the deposit).

After we have come to an arrangement and you have received your invoice, you’ll be asked to confirm your order by paying the deposit within 7 days.

Please keep in mind that all payments are non-refundable, so make sure you’re able to complete the payment plan before ordering.

I accept the major credit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover as well as direct PayPal account payments. There is also the possibility to do a direct bank transfer.

Having a Paypal-account is not required. However, if you already have a PayPal account, you may use it as your payment method.

Paypal is one of the most trusted online payment solutions on the web. Because of this, this store has all the same securities and payment fraud protection as this leading payment processor.

All packages will be insured. As such I’m unable to mark your packages down. Thank you for understanding.

First of all, I’m so sorry. Please contact me as soon as possible, using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Saatchi art asks for a 35% commission fee which has to be calculated in the asking price. They also handle shipping themselves, which leaves for higher fees.

I’ve checked if it is possible to ship your orders myself, but it isn’t possible to do so. If you’d rather buy from my site directly, this is of course an option. Please check my shop for the works currently for sale.