Poppedijn: Utopia


Poppedijn: Neither male nor female. A gender-utopia. The perfect mix. But also, impossible to reach.

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Poppedijn is a resin art doll created by Eveline de Lange and me. They are a genderless creature, morphing into whatever we want them to be. The doll is sculpted and hand cast by me, outfits are created by Eveline, using labor intensive methods like needlepaint embroidery and needlelace.
All fullsets are OOAK. Both the color of Poppedijn and the concept and outfit will not be used again. They are completely unique.


bjd type              Poppedijn, OOAK Fullset
resin                    Urethane resin
color                    Green


– Complete assembled doll
– Face-up
– Outfit
– Seams Sanded
– Eyes, 6mm
– Certificate of authenticity
– Protective sleeping bag


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Poppedijn: Utopia


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