Welcome to this part of my website. In here I will prattle, yak, dare I say even talk about my journey into the world of fine art.

The Butterfly Effect

One of the downsides of having a chronic condition is that planning can be a challenge. It shouldn’t be that hard. You have your starting point, you have your deadline. You take the shortest route towards your destination. Done! Easy-peasy. What could possibly go wrong?

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For as long as I remember, I feel like I’m an uprooted tree. I’m still standing, but in a precarious balancing act, trying very carefully not to topple over, because if I would, I’d take a large swath of forest with me.

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The Sculptor’s Journey

In a well-known and quite debunked ‘study’, it is said – *cough* among other things that I won’t mention here – that women use an average of 20.000 words a day. Now I am definitely a woman and I trump that average.

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