Expressing Excellence

Every morning I have a fixed routine of opening a freshly printed newspaper, reading it front to back as fast as I can, before my new kitten has had the opportunity to turn the pages to confetti.

Waking the Sleeping Beauty

With my butterfly-project nearing its end, I’m starting to get impatient. It’s like being a child waiting for your birthday. The entire year, you hardly think about it. But then the night before the great day you’re supposed to be vast asleep. And yet…

The Great Balancing Act

A creative job allows for a more loose approach to the assignments you receive, but as someone who can’t distinguish a 2 from an 8, I’ve discovered that it is generally frowned upon to be too ‘inventive’ when filling in your tax returns.

Saved By The “CTRL+S”-Twitch

Back when I was still studying game-design, our school’s computers weren’t exactly top of the line. There is no way the budget could afford that. Understandable, but it meant that we were surrounded by the mechanical equivalents of asthmatic 70-year olds.

Calliope’s Kiss

There she was standing in front of the orchestra. Barely 14 years old, I think, a candle in her hand. The flame was trembling, due to her shaking hands. It was almost imperceptible, as the lights in the cathedral had been turned off.

The Divine Inspiration of Ordinary Hard Work

American Idol! So You Think You Can Dance. Britain’s Got Talent! Project Runway. The Great Pottery Throw Down. Blown Away. 

Our screen time is filled with talent shows that try to sell us this slightly narcissistic message that we too can become the next Superstar.

A Fake Artist Goes To Wonderland

I have a confession to make. One that is going to end my career before it was able to take its first wobbly steps in the bright daylight, because I’m pretty sure what I’m about to tell you is the first deadly sin for artists: I, a sculptor, don’t know anything about art. Take Malevich’s […]

Fortune Favors The Fool

When I first started sculpting, I focused on art dolls. Someone at school showed me one and I knew this was what I had to do. Never mind that I hardly knew what clay looked like.
“All heroism is due to lack of reflection.”

The Butterfly Effect

One of the downsides of having a chronic condition is that planning can be a challenge. It shouldn’t be that hard. You have your starting point, you have your deadline. You take the shortest route towards your destination. Done! Easy-peasy. What could possibly go wrong?


For as long as I remember, I feel like I’m an uprooted tree. I’m still standing, but in a precarious balancing act, trying very carefully not to topple over, because if I would, I’d take a large swath of forest with me.