A Tale of Talent And Tribulation

Long ago, when I was a tiny Friekje, still learning how to hold a pen and practicing my ‘o ‘s and ‘e’s, I had a not so secret dream. One day I would become a screenwriter. I followed the old gamer’s code: Git Gud.

The Dutch Disability Act

One of my goals this year was getting a good understanding how the General Disability Act applies to my situation. Specifically where it comes to my sculpting practice and my ability to turn clay sculptures into bronzes. And huzzah! I’ve succeeded! …. Sort of. Let’s just say that the Dutch Disability Act is hella complicated. […]

How To Find The Right Art Studio For You

If you look at Pablo Picasso’s art studio at 7 rue Grand Augustins in Paris, it’s larger than many of our homes! Contrast that to the A model Ford Georgia O’Keeffe used to create her work in.

The Research of the Matter

Ahh… Research! Spending your days, poring over books in low lit rooms. Frantically writing down notes. Looking at graphs, pretending to know what they mean. I’m already falling asleep writing this down.

Making Custom Sculpting Tools

Much to their own chagrin, hardware stores hadn’t been invented yet in the Neolithic age. And so, these ‘simple people’ were forced to make their own tools. Which they did with a creativity and skill we can still learn from.

All About The Money

Like so many children, I too wanted to have my own Money Bin filled with pretty coins. (I also fantasized about owning a personal library and hidden weapon compartments around the house… but that’s a different story)

Inspiring Individuals

Christmas and New Year’s eve turned out to be the most wonderful time of the year for my lungs to act up again. In a vehement attempt to emigrate without me, I spend most of my time in bed.

Little Help From A Friend

Behold! A miracle! I have faced my fears and vanquished the demon that has haunted my waking world. Or, to translate in modern English: “I fixed the technical problem I was struggling with last time.”


Shopping! A girl’s favorite pastime. Losing time while you’re wandering through the aisles. Then locking eyes with a Metalkraft BTS 51 stationary belt-sander and thinking: “Oof baby, wanna come home with me?”

Money And the Art of Making It

Art-dolls were a new phenomenon for the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in 2012. I had come to register my new company. Unfortunately, the employee at the desk couldn’t find the right category for my business. These dolls weren’t meant for kids.