The Sculptor’s Journey

In a well-known and quite debunked ‘study’, it is said – *cough* among other things that I won’t mention here – that women use an average of 20.000 words a day. Now I am definitely a woman and I trump that average. You could call me a blabbermouth, but that is such a negative word. I prefer positivity. So let’s call it a talent. And what better way to use this particular talent, than to write a blog?

Welcome to this part of my website. In here I will prattle, yak, dare I say even talk about my journey into the world of fine art.
For those of you who haven’t visited my blog through my website, but found it in some other mysterious way:
My name is Frederieke Westerveld, I’m 39 years old and I’ve only just recently started working with bronze. My work is realistic, small, very detailed and takes a long time to sculpt. And because I thought that wasn’t enough of a challenge, I decided that having a chronic illness that takes up most of my life would be a good idea to add to the mix. It’s a great combination of facts!

What This Blog Is About

Now, I could of course create my work and display them at home and be content with that, but… Nah. In the end, I’m an artist. I want people to see my work. It’s just that I have no idea of how to go about it in my situation.
And there we have my blog’s theme: I’m at the start of my journey, still learning how the fine art industry works. I’m trying to figure out:
1. The ins-and-outs of this industry in case, years from now, I’m having enough of a portfolio to start interacting with galleries and the like.
2. How to get noticed.
3. How to showcase my work in a way that isn’t too exhausting for me.
4. How to manage my workflow AND my upstart body.

 I’m probably going to stumble and smash my face in the mud countless of times along the road and that’s only a good thing. Means I’ve got a new story to tell on this blog. Yay for inspiration! If this sounds like something you would like to read about, check in every other Saturday for a new post. This is after all objectively the best day to settle down in your favorite chair, with a nice cup of tea, or coffee  – or hot chocolate! – and have some well-deserved me-time.  

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